Veena & Tutor

The veena also spelled as vina or beena or bina, comprises a family of chordophone instruments of the Indian subcontinent. Ancient musical instruments evolved into many variations, such as lutes, zithers and arched harps.


Designation: Veena Tutor
Qualification:Degree, Diploma in Veena (University of Kerala) Higher Grade Indian Music Veena, Govt. of Thamilnadu.
Specialisation:Performing Classical concerts and Fusion Music in Veena on various venues all over kerala and playing as a Studio Artist also.
Experience:Graded Artist by all India Radio and performed for Doordarsan and other Television Channels Currently undergoing veena training under Kanci Kama Kodi Asthan Vidwan. Presently working Veena Tutor in various Music Institutions in Kozhikode. Age: 39